Can see two internal 1TB drives but unable to use it

In my recent home build, I have 1 Smasung EVO (500 GB) as my primary drive and it has been assigned the drive letter 'C' by default. I am running WIN 8.1 Pro.
Additionally, I have two brand new 1TB Seagate internal drives. I am ABLE to see these drives in Disk Management (selected MBR option vs GPT) but I am unable to assign them a drive letter and also I do not see the a choice to do 'disk formatting' in any of the menu items in Disk Management.
How do I go about initializing these two drives?
Any help would be much appreciated and thanks in advance.
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    Well I found the answer shortly after posting this.
    In WIN 8.1 pro, right click on Start, choose Disk Management and all you have to do is right click on the HDD that you need to initialize and select 'New Simple Volume' and follow the instructions and assign the letter you would like for the drive and you are done.
    Or once the HDD is selected, you can also choose the menu options available on the top in Disk Management to do the same (that is, Action>All Tools>New Simple Volume)
    Hope this helps.
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