$400 - $500 dollar gaming pc help?

Could someone supply me with a gaming pc build for $400 - $500 dollars? Preferably a PC aimed towards playing Skyrim at high or max settings, with an enb activated? As I'm not looking towards upgrading anytime soon, I would prefer a PC that survive for quite some time without having to upgrade the graphics card of get more RAM. Lastly, I would really appreciate it if somehow the shipping cost could still keep the PC under $500 . Any help would be greatly appreciated !
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    Honestly, I could give you a PC build for $500, but it was be useless, as price for performance ratios would be horrible, but in the case where I recommend saving some more, maybe up to about $800 - $1500, the performance you could get from a PC at those costs will be much more worthwhile, will give a lot of performance, and will be quite future proof, for next-generation games.

    An example is that, a decent mid-range economical graphics card around now will set you back $150 - $300.
    An HD 7770, which is an alright budget card, will set you back $100, while another mid-range performance card, the 660 or 660 might set you back upwards of $200. This is why you must save a lot more money.

    My conclusion is, you shouldn't try to build a "gaming" pc with only under $500 dollars.
    Save your money and get something of higher quality!
  2. I see. Thank you very much !
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