How to improve FPS?

How to improve FPS on games?
Besides from lowering the settings, what are the other options to improve FPS?
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  1. Upgrading your hardware can improve fps.
  2. Stopping background processes may also improve fps in games...
  3. clean up your pc. sometimes dust in your pc can affect your performance.
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    some minor things you can do
    1. Go to a gas station and blow the whole PC with those air things they have . you know for the tires :P
    2. Disable windows 7 aero.
    3. Download and run game booster
    4. While running the game -> ctrl+alt+delete -> processes -> find your game -> show processes from all users -> right click and set priority to above normal or high. If after this the pc is unstable , make it normal priority again
    5. Antialiasing always off and Vsync as well.
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