Should i buy a new ram or a new cooler?

This is specifications of my pc.

This is cooler.

My question is that: This is pc old and i have to go on with this. Usually it freezes and lags, and ram goes very low levels. For example now i only put 1 gb ram and 450 mb ram is available but when i open a new tab, 200 mb is only left.

If i buy a new 1 gb ram to make dual maybe 4x1 ddr, does it make some chnge?

What i do is i open a lot of tabs, reading searching, downloading watching videos and some other small programs. My gpu is a problem or ram is low? How can i understand if low ram or gpu is problem?

I will be glad if you help. I dont want to get any lag or freeze while using computer.

I have 3.2 ghz p4 now and temperature is minimum 65 c, when opening tabs it jumps to 85 c.

I also have 2.8 ghz and its temperature is around 30 40 c. What will i gain if i use 3.2 ghz, should i insist using it?
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  1. As long as the RAM fits I'd buy another stick for sure. According to your link you have 2GB RAM. So, I'd buy the exact same 2GB and then I have 2 sticks; otherwise just throw out the old and buy one single 4GB stick. At most, 32bit, can only use 4GB RAM and it'll show up as something like 3.2GB.

    If you are having temp issues then maybe you need to open the bottom and clean your intake and fan.
  2. No i have 1 +512, i dont know why it says 2 gb. I just noticed

    I cleaned all and put paste but 3.2 has high temperature but 2.8 has around 40 c. What will i gain if i use 3.2 ghz, performance effiency?

    My motherboard supports single 4 gb or 2 gb stick?
  3. Usually you put similar RAM in. I mean literally..the same brand, CAS #, #GB and so on. My advice is to check if your computer will support 2 DIMMS or 1 DIMM. Then, if possible buy a single 4GB stick or 2x2GB sticks. If you are on a real tight budget then add a second 1GB.

    When I pulled out my 1GB (in a eePC) and switched to 2GB the difference was huge.
  4. It is 64 c in a few tabs open, when i open 4-5 more tabs, videos, it goes 80 84 c.
    Maybe it is because, my case fans can not make its work. It is stock fan, behind. And no more fan. And case is surrounded tightly, just a few cm s from sides and 5-6 cm s from up. And i took off case side parts.
  5. 84C is wayyyy too hot for the CPU. have you cleaned the fan with compressed air?
  6. Yes, cleaned inside everywhere. And put silicon grass.84 is when reaches peak. Now i have a lot of tabs open in 2 different browsers and a webcam and a program and media player.

    Inside case

    case outside, same dirty
  7. I think I see one issue. The exhaust at the back. It has no room to go anywhere. The air is pulled out but can't really escape the space. Also, the case doesn't have a front fan, does it?

    Would you be willing to buy a new $30 case too?
  8. The fan pulls the air to the behind of the case, there is space behind of case if you ask that?

    Yes it doesnot have front fan, just has that fan in the picture. I dont want to spend money on this old system anymore, i spent a lot of money, a new psu, 3 motherboards, 1 gb ddr ram and now 1 gb more i will buy, gpu. I have small fans, maybe i can use those?
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    you could just move the case to a more open space and remove the side panels, but that would expose it to the environment more.
  10. I changed its location, back and sides are open. But not much changed.

    What about putting the fan in the reverse position in the back of case, you can see in the picture, so it can blow air inside, now pulling air but there is warm air to be pulled.
  11. Can you reapply thermal paste and reinstall the cooler again?
  12. My pc is gone now :( It was open for 28 hours and suddenly it shut down. I tried to open but when i click, power goes to harddisk and other parts but only black screen comes, it cant install windows or bios and waits in black screen.

    After waiting a few hours, when i clicked, it could only show information screen before bios; my kind of bios f14 and gpu name and cpuid but it should have shown ram , 15700000 mb ram but it waited at that half screen and i had to restart. This uncompleted screen happened 2 times, mostly only black screen.

    What can be problem, cpu or motherboard or my cpu that got high temperatures?

    This happened 2 weeks ago.i solved. i took off motherboard from case and took off all cables and put somewhere and waited for 2 days. then it worked. But one

    capacitor of motherboard was swollened and i guess motherboard has some issues. I would buy 2 gb rams but now it seems i will buy another things and spend more money :(
  13. Your computer might have been on its last legs. Things were already way to hot. Might be time to consider buying a new one that'll last another 5+ years.
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