Heat Problems INTEL HD Graphics 4600

i have an i5 4670k on an Asrock z87 Pro 3
intel's stock cooler
Right now, i have no dedicated GPU (Im gonna buy a R9 280 in a few months), im relying on the HD 4600 for my daily tasks and a little light gaming.

The problem is that when I'm not gaming i get normal temps, but when i launch something like bioshock infinite, the temps quickly escalate to about 80-85 degrees Celsius

after 10-15 mins it hits 90-95 degrees Celcius
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  1. That's definitely way too hot; you're getting close to throttling your cpu which isn't the end of the world but definitely not something you want to be pushing on your system all of the time. What kind of temps are you getting when doing "light" stuff? Is your system at stock or did you oc it as well?
  2. No OC
    somewhere between 45-47 degrees celsius
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    That's a little high already. You may have to consider try re-seating your heat sink. Go to Fry's or whatever computer store you prefer, pick up some arctic clean (or use isopropyl if you can't get the good stuff) and some tim (thermal interactive material) thermal paste of your choice and be ready to reapply it if needed. Watch videos on youtube on the pea method or whichever you believe in most and make sure you take time to execute this correctly as mistakes are easy if you don't take your time and see if your cpu runs any cooler. Otherwise this may be a manufacturer's issue and you will be sol until you go through the warranty process. Hope it's not that or may be a fan in the wrong place is failing. Let's keep it simple though and see how simply reseating works but perhaps your tim was poorly applied the first time and is finally giving out. How new is your rig?
  4. just got it a couple of days ago

    had it assembled from the store i bought all the parts from

    I'll try that. Thanks for your help
  5. Good luck! Glad it's new. Should be easier to get help then. Normal load temps are 30-50c and while yours is there it should be idle in the 20s-30s most of the time with very short spikes to the 50s. Gaming should be mid 50s-low60s, 70s max. Only with serious stress testing and overclocks should you be hitting in the 90s and even then you'd usually scale it back after a successful benchmark as you want to stay as far from the throttle point as possible. Let us know how it goes! Hope you get it corrected asap!


    Justin S.
  6. Thanks

    I went to where i bought my PC to buy some tim but they said they'll just do the testing because of warranty stuff

    after their long diagnostics, turns out the guy who assembled my pc, didn't seat the heat sink correctly, you were right
    thanks for your help
  7. Awesome! Glad to hear your are ok now. What kind of temps are you getting now?
  8. i get like 33-35 idle and 75-80 under load
  9. That's much better. How did you get that load temp? It's not bad but if you can do anything to get it another 5C cooler or better that would be favorable. Regardless, you look like you're in much better shape!
  10. Thats Intel Burn Test
  11. That's actually pretty good then. You're in great shape now! When you can afford to, look into getting a good aftermarket cooler for better temps, less noise and better overclocking down the road but that's another thread for another time! In the meanwhile enjoy your new rig!
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