why wont my cursor move on my acer laptop

My cuser is stuck in the centre of my acer laptop
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  1. Hi, did you try <Fn> + <F7> to enable the touchpad.
  2. No nothing happened thanks for reply
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    Everything else is working on the laptop.
  4. Yes as far as I know
  5. In the Device Manager, under Mice and other pointing devices, do you see the Smart-Pad, do you have, if it's there a yellow flag.
  6. Sorry I do not know how to get into any thing cause of the curser I know you can but im not that laptop minded sound dim dont I but I am a pensioner and knocking on lol but thanks for trying
  7. You can't borrow an wireless mouse to verify the laptop.
  8. Hi. I have exactly the same problem with my Lenovo Z50-75 win 8.1 64-bits machine. In device mgr under the topic "Mice and other pointing ..." there are two devices: HID-compliant mouse and Lenovo pointing device. Now I'm using an USB mouse. The same thing also under "Human interface devices"(HID-comliant and USB input..). The Elan driver is used by Lenovo pointing device. I tried to update the Lenovo pointing device driver, but no impact. What should I do next?
  9. Hi. I take it back. Updating the driver (from net) fixed the promlem.
  10. jarotech said:
    Hi, did you try <Fn> + <F7> to enable the touchpad.
  11. Yes! Thanks!
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