New cpu supported by older mobo?

I have Gigabyte H61 mobo.
On the supported cpu they list several Ivy bridge cpu and several Sandy bridge cpu.
What is the chance' that a new cpu (G2030) will work on this mobo although it is not listed as supported by it?
Thanks, Doron
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  1. Which Gigabyte H61? There are several models.

    If the CPU is not on the Supported CPU list then it will not be compatible.
  2. The mobo is Gigabyte GA-H61M-S2-B3.
    I can't understand why cpu g640 and g860 are supported, yet G645, does not.
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    That is indeed odd. They are all LGA1155 and use the same socket.

    The G645 is 1 year newer than the 860, and a little newer than the 640. It's possible Gigabyte just stopped updating the BIOS for that particular motherboard so it doesn't support the newer processors. Their newest BIOS is from Q1/Q2 2012 and the G645 was released in Q3 2012. I guess they just stopped supporting that particular motherboard/processor set.

    Mobo CPU Support list:
    Latest BIOS versions:
  4. Thanks Jook-D ,
    my question is: if I put G645 cpu (Sandy Bridge) or G2030 cpu (Ivy Bridge), will the mobo work, and just read the cpu incorrectly, or it is not going to post at all? Please look at the link below.
  5. If it's not listed on their site as being supported, I highly doubt it would POST.
    The H61 motherboard family has many motherboards, but not all will support the same CPUs.
  6. I got from Ra_V_en , on this thred
    a link to boards that support G2030:
    I checked several Gigabyte boards, that according to Gigabyte, does not support G2030, yet, the above link said it does. For instance: Ga-H61M-S2P-B3.
    I hope someone with self experience in this forum, can help me get the right decision.
  7. I wouldn't do it personally if it's not officially listed. I don't see the point.
  8. Hi, I am glade to let you know that my mobo does support Intel Pentium G2030.
    It was tested and approved. Now I am going to buy the G645 and test it too.
    Thanks for your help.
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