600 watt psu with 13A 250V extension

I have bought an overclocked gaming PC with Core™ i7-4770K, 16gb ram, single gtx 780 video card and 600 Watts Power Supplies (Corsair 600 Watts CX600 Gaming Power Supply, 80+). My psu power lead cable is quite short to reach the wall outlet. So I was thinking about using an extension cord. The extension cable I have it says 13A and 250V. Is it safe to use with my PC?
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    Yes it is 13x250=3250watt!
  2. rolli59 said:
    Yes it is 13x250=3250watt!

    thanks mate for replying quickly. I went to a shop as there are many extension cords out there. Most of them have 13A and 250V but prices vary. Such as: 1 with 4 sockets costs £10 and another with 4 sockets cost £35. But both have 13A and 250V. Do you think £35 ones better?
  3. Not necessarily I can not judge the quality from here but if they look fine for 10 pounds why not since they must apply to the local std.
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