PC Shutting Down While Playing Games. No Indication of Overheating


Recently I moved my PC for a LAN which I do often. However, this time after moving it my PC keeps shutting down when playing graphics intensive games. I don't overclock.

It seems to shutdown guaranteed every time the GPU hits 70 degrees which sounds odd because that is not that hot.

Here are my system specs.
CPU: i7 2600K 3.4GHz
MB: AsRock Z68 Extreme7 Gen3
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 16Gb
PSU: Silverstone Strider 1200W

I thought it might be my PSU... However, I'm reluctant to make that call since it was rather expensive and as far as I'm aware its a good quality PSU... and with 1200W its definitely not overloaded...

Things I've tried:
- Re-seating Graphics card
- Reinstalling Drivers
- Reseting Graphics Card Defaults
- Unplug PSU connections and Re-Plug them
- Cleaned out a lot of dust
- Plugging the PSU into a different wall socket than everything else.
- Monitored Temperatures.. Highest that goes is GPU and at 70degrees every time it shuts down.

I've had this setup for over a year now and its only just started doing this.... So I'm at a loss, please help I'm getting frustrated not being able to play any decent games and the fault is not incredibly obvious to me. Thanks
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  1. You could carefully! set the fan speed higher/target temp lower and see if it is stable under 70°C. If it is, you could probably return it. Also, do you know which temperatures it had, before you moved it?
  2. I've forced the fan speed on the graphics card to 100%.. it take a bit longer to get to 70°C but once it hits 70 it still shuts down.

    Unfortunately I don't know what temps it was getting to before. My bro has the exact same card.. Maybe I should test with his and see if it does the same thing? rule out or confirm the graphics card maybe.. I guess I could do the same for the PSU. Will let yall know how it goes.
  3. It really sounds like you should return it.
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