Windows 7 "Start" button has stopped working

A very strange thing has happened to me. After installing a Windows update, my start button is no longer working. If I try to click it, use the Windows key on my keyboard or do Ctrl+Esc, a message pops up saying "Windows Explorer has stopped working. Windows is checking for a solution to the problem...".
However, I can open Windows Explorer just fine from the taskbar, I can't use its incorporated search bar though.
I have tried using the sfc /scannow command in an elevated command prompt multiple times now, but even though it finds errors, it can not repair them.(I actually had to download a pre-made shortcut for the command prompt, since I couldn't use the start button).
Does anyone have any idea how I can fix this problem?
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    Either you can uninstall the update from Control Panel==Programs==Uninstall a program==View installed updates==Right click the update and hit uninstall.

    Or you can re-install the OS with a bootable media(DVD/USB). If you do that you have to install the updates for OS again with along with your device drivers and for your anti-virus software.

    Else you can format the OS and clean install it. Remember to backup before you format.
  2. It fixed itself somehow, thanks.
  3. Glad to hear that. Cheers.
  4. Miau Frito said:
    It fixed itself somehow, thanks.

    How Miau, how?
  5. gerardv said:
    Miau Frito said:
    It fixed itself somehow, thanks.

    How Miau, how?

    A lot of computer-related problems I've had lately have fixed themselves for no apparent reason... I guess it's better than if they didn't.. then I'd have to do something about it instead of perpetually ignoring the problem unless it directly affects my ability to play video games
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