Prime95 High Temperatures on Stock Clock Speeds (AMD FX-8320)

My pc is 6 months old. Decided to overclock the cpu. Before overclocking I wanted to see how well would it fare against prime95 at stock clock speeds. I think something must be wrong with the build because temperatures were too high.

Relevant Specs:

CPU : Amd FX-8320 (3,7 GHz by default)
MOBO : MSI 970A-G46 (Bios version v2.2, February 4th 2013)
COOLER : Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo (Single Fan)
CASE : Corsair 300R with stock fans (1 front intake, 1 behind exhaust)

Before starting the test I went ahead and disabled some of the eco friendly and smart features from the Bios in order to prevent the cpu from down clocking itself and also lowering the voltage. But everything else is at default.

After 13 mins of Blend tests on prime95 these were the results I observed. I didn't wanted to go further because of the values TMPIN1 reached. So what can cause this problem? And what exactly is TMPIN1? Is it the socket itself or the north bridge or something else? Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. I don't think that is your cpu temp. It is your motherboard temp. Your cpu is at 40c
  2. I have the same board with an 8530 , you should have a fan blowing on the vrm heat sinks , as there are reports it's a weak spot with this board . So far I've been lucky running a 1090 t for1 1/2 years @ 3.6 and an 8530 @ 4.4 for the last 6 months
    temps are @ 42- 46 cpu and 48 - 52 tmpin1 . 95 , if right is way high , could it be a glitch in HW monitor ? I notice some out or range high temps once in a while on HW monitor
  3. +1 ^ That is a slightly upgraded G45 board , the G45 and G46 are boards you shouldn't overclock with.
  4. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    +1 ^ That is a slightly upgraded G45 board , the G45 and G46 are boards you shouldn't overclock with.

    Right G46 adds heat sinks to the vrm , but it's still a weak point . I'm just waiting for it to go bad even with the small fans cooling the H S . That's why I keep the OC low on this board , my Sabertooth board
    runs my 8530 @ 4.7 24/7 with no worries .
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