3x GTX 770 4GB or SLI GTX780 TI 3GB for 3D Surround 5760x1080

Hi Folks,

Wondering if anyone has advice on on a new setup for 3D Surround @ 5760x1080

I currently run a GTX690 4GB (2 x2GB) and its vram is no longer cutting it with new games.

System Spec
FX8350 @ 4.9
Sabertooth 990fx R2
8gb Ram

What would be the better choice.

3x GTX770 4GB @ £930
2x GTX780ti 3GB £1120

only review I could see regarding 3x GTX770 was http://uk.hardware.info/reviews/4440/35/nvidia-geforce-gtx-770-review-incl-3-way-sli-and-frametimes-tomb-raider---5760x1080-+-frametimes

But that was with 2GB models.. they scaled very well but I presume 4GB model in tri sli would be better as there would be enough performance to utilize the 4Gb ?

Could not really find anything for Sli GTX780ti in 5760x1080 and a single only really matches my GTX690.

Planning to keep the setup for atleast 3 hopefully 4 years.

The price of 3 GTX770 4GB is appealing over Sli GTX780ti but with no real reviews on Sli GTX780ti and the worry over will the 3Gb buffer be enough ?

Any thoughts would be very appreciated.

Already have a 1250 PSU OCZ ZX series

I know my CPU can be bottleneck but from what I have read, @ 5760x1080 the CPU is less of an issue?

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  1. well that's your choice. that 3 way was cheaper than 2 way 780 ti
  2. renz496 said:
    well that's your choice. that 3 way was cheaper than 2 way 780 ti

    I know its my choice but it was advice I was after regarding performance vs price vs vram buffer - what would have been the better choice.
  3. Wait for the 800 series that will come with bigger VRAM.
    880 is expected to have 8gb and 870 is expected to have 6gb

    Oh and they should be released this february.
  4. ^ that is old news. so far there is no concrete info about top end maxwell yet. for sure it will be based on TSMC 20nm which will not be ready until second half of this year. there were maxwell based card rumored to launch on 18th feb but it is low end card and not high end though some people speculating it might be not maxwell based card at all from all the rumored spec that has been around.
  5. I would take the 2 780 Ti's over the 3 770's. Why? Much stronger GPU system. And 3gb is enough for your setup.

    Here is a comparison though: 2 x GTX 780 Ti 3 x GTX 770

    Shaders total: 5376 4608
    SMX units total: 24 30
    Texture units 384 480
    ROP units 96 96
    GPU transistors 10.5B 14.2B
    Memory interface 3x256 2x384
    Bandwidth 192 GBs 336 GB/s
    Total Memory 4GB GDDR5 3GB GDDR5
    Memory clock 1500Mhz 1750Mhz

    Everything minus amount of memory favors the dual SLI 780 Ti setup........its significantly more HP and it will better utilize the 3GB vs the weaker GPU utilizing the larger memory cash.........the bottleneck will be the limiting factor with the GPU in reality on the 3 x 770 SLI setup, not the memory. The dual 780 Ti setup with 3gb of memory is much better balanced where the memory will bottleneck right when the GPU also bottlenecks.

    So in other words when you start complaining about the memory being limited with the 780 Ti GPU's, you will probably also find that the GPU's themselves are becoming long in the tooth as well.
  6. And to further add to my above post, the reason why 4gb is in reality probably a waste with 3 770's is because with the triple screen setup, your not going to be able to crank up the AA(which is what gobbles up a lot of the extra memory) and effects anyway without taking a major performance hit to FPS ability. Which is why the pair of 780 Ti's makes more sense. On 3 screens you will be able to turn up AA and PQ settings higher because you actually have the horsepower to do it and it has the proper amount of memory to be able to do it as well. Nvidia is actually very good about balancing out their memory with the GPU's performance potential. A pair of 780's or 780 Ti's don't need more than 3gb worth of memory. Just like the 770's in reality don't need more than 2gb. Even 3gb's could be stretching it a bit for 3 GTX 770's in SLI IMO because if you want to keep framerates up, your going to have to turn AA down or off along with some other settings anyway on a 3 screen setup.
  7. You should be fine with the 690 for a little while just lower the res or something pointless to get new gpu when we're close to the 800 series, hopefully they're not going to be over $1000 for the first model
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