GPU for intel core 2 quad Q9550

I want to upgrade my nvidia 9800 GT to a new one, and I'm thinking about GTX 660, R9-270X, GTX 660Ti, or GTX 760.
I want to play games like Skyrim, Bioshock infinite, and other future games on mid-high settings. (I'm not going to play games that require super high spec PC e.g. BF4)
I know CPU is not that great but with this upgrade, I want it to last about 1-2 years.

I'm worried about my CPU bottlenecking a bit, but which one do you recommend?
Other GPUs not on the list are also welcome!
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    The R9 270x and the GTX 760 are both great options. But you'll need a decent power supply of 500w like XFX,Corsair,Antec,Seasonic
  2. I have 530W PSU so it should be fine.

    Is it worth spending extra money to get GTX 760 then? What I think is that my CPU will bottleneck 760 and cant have 100% performance.
  3. Yeah but what brand is your power supply, a cheap 530w PSU will not be good
  4. It says "be quiet" "pure power" "80 plus"
  5. I just put in a gtx 660 in with my q9550 system, And I do notice some bottle necking with it, enough so that I plan on upgrading my cpu and mobo sooner rather than later
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