Clock speeds are messed up?

Well I don't know much about clock speeds but I have an EVGA Geforce GTX 650 TI SC 2gb. It says that it should be running at 1202 MHz but when I'm running EVGA PrecisionX, it tells me that it's running at 324 MHz right now. I have seen it go to 1202 MHz but whenever I'm doing anything like watching a movie, playing a game, it drops really low. Is this normal? I haven't really grasped the concept of clock speeds yet so if I'm saying something wrong can you explain to me what it means? Also my temperature always seem to be fine, I've never seen it go higher than 55C in a while. Also my CPU is an AMD Phenom II x4 965 BE and my motherboard is an ASUS M4A88TM.
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    Graphics cards are like processors, they only ramp up when the need arises. There's also technology in there that throttles them back when they overheat. So, yes, it's normal that they just sit around idling when they don't have much to do.
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