new 'almost' gaming laptop

Hey guys how are u?, hope you're all good. I have a question about a new i guess gaming laptop :p

Can you please tell me if this laptop can run Minecraft or FTB on MAXIMUM SETTING and Dota 2 on high settings

And please tell me how many frames per second (fps) will i get in Minecraft or FTB :)

Processor: intel core i5 1.6 GHZ
Graphics Card: Nvidia Geforce GT 740m 2GB

Oh and one last thing do HP laptops overheat fast like after 3 or 4 hours of constant gaming ? :D

Thanks guys :D
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  1. The laptop should be fine, if you keep it well ventilated(ie: don't play on a bed or blanket). The processor should be upgraded if possible, but you can expect decent performance. Don't expect 60fps, but it should run at acceptable levels throughout, so long as you don't try to use texture mods to up the resolution beyond what it can handle.
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    Like Jake said you should be fine with these specs i'd say in minecraft around 50-90 FPS and yes if it is haswell it should last around your expectations 3-4 hours:)
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