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The o/s that was supplied with my computer was Windows Vista Home Basic. Recently the hard disc was formatted and Windows 7 was installed. I find the computer is not powerful enough to run Windows 7 and it is excruciatingly slow. How do I go back and reinstall windows vista home basic.
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  1. put the computers recovery disk back in and re run setup
  2. Increasing the RAM (memory) is an option. A processor that could run Vista will run W7.

    Go to http// and click to download the scanner so it can investigate your RAM and tell you how much it could be increased. It also quotes you prices but there's no need to buy from them and you may find you can buy it more cheaply elsewhere,
  3. A system that shipped with Vista will be faster with windows 7.
    There are no exceptions to this I have ever come across.
    It is so ipso facto, when i am asked to put 7 on a pc If it had vista on to start with I will agree.
    I would hazard a guess the 7 installation was bodged.
    Windows 7 needs a 2 gig switch speed cpu and 2 gig of ram as a minimum. Any dual core and 3 gig of ram it will go like the clappers.
    Even an old 3800+ .
    A sata hard drive is even better. There is NO WAY vista will be faster.
    You should look for other problems.
    Run Ccleaner in case the guy/girl who installed 7 layered the operating system on top of the old one.

    Make sure you click down the left hand side and run the registry cleaner. Click on 'analyze' and then 'fix problems'
  5. The OP wrote "Recently the hard disc was formatted and Windows 7 was installed"
  6. I agree wholeheartedly and unreservedly with your comment.
    Its obvious from the O.P.'s comment however, they didnt actually do the work. Tho it is on the face of it likely this was done correctly, there is a problem with this machine that we both realise is unusual & something is amiss. That changes my perspective on what is likely to have happened.
    In short, its more likely some bugger cocked it up.
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    I spend my working life following them around, fixing the "fix". :( I remain convinced anything that can run Vista can manage 7 but also that many Vista machines, particularly early ones, were shipped with very low RAM so they could sell them cheaply.

    Having presumable paid for W7 it's better to fix that than take a step backwards in my view.
  8. Yerse, you may well be right that it was sold with half a gig or something silly, which would cripple both windows versions. As the poster hasnt come back we can only guess.I have used 7 with half a gig, it utilises 280 meg leaving enough ram to open 1 browser. With a lot of lag..
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