EVGA GTX 760 FTW 4GB SLI vs EVGA 780 Ti 3GB (Single no Sli)

Power and heat is not an issue so factor that out I currently play on a 1920x1080p Monitor but plan to hopefully in the future get a 2560x1440p I just want to know what will give me the overall better graphics performance will the 760 4gbs in sli out perform the single 3gb 780 ti in terms of 3d mark and benchmarks in games basically like I said the overall better performance I mean I know the 780 ti will have more cuda cores the 760 sli have more vram so just let me know thanks.
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  1. The single 780 Ti will destroy the 760s, no microstutter, SLI optimization issues, etc, and much better future proofing, the 780 Ti 110%
  2. The extra GB of VRAM is no biggie on the slis right? as opposed to the three gb on the ti
  3. Not really needed, check this if your not convinced.
  4. Thanks so the ti basically destroys the sli 760s one more thing which ti would u go with I have another thread if u wanna check that out would you go with EVGA classified edition EVGA oc ACX or EVGA standard

    Best available 780 Ti you can get, hands down.
  6. One more thing dude thanks for the help btw this kind of made me loose faith I'm the 780 ti idea wanna here your input basically 2 2gb 760 sli beat a 780ti but does not in so,ex dames cause of less vram I plan on getting the 4gbs so it will totally beat the 780 ti and the galaxy hall of fame edition is that going to be around 730$ if not the. It's way out of my budget in terms of EVGA gigabyte and asus ( for the 780 ti)what would u go with and the gigabyte one I was looking at has the highest clock speeds out of the other cards (asus, and EVGA) on new egg just want to know what you think and if clock speeds really matter all that much I do want to get the galaxy hof but only can if it's around the 730 price range I'm the 700s if not then I want you're opinion on the others like asus gigabyte and EVGA including you're thoughts on if clock speeds matter all that much cause a less expensive gigabyte has a higher clock them a more expensive EVGA just wondering
  7. Higher clocks only matter within the same family of cards, ie: gk104 vs gk110 architecture makes clock speed comparing difficult but if they are the same architecture, then they can be rated by clocks. I still say the single 780 Ti, again SLI configurations need optimization otherwise they won't perform as you would expect and in some cases can actually be worse than just running one of the cards. SLI also has microstutter issues that can come into play, reducing your experience. Those results in that article are of AAA titles from major companies with time to implement SLI support. The DIRT benchmark illustrates this clearly, as the 780 Ti beats the 760s, and this will get worse as you get smaller and smaller dev teams. If you only play AAA games, then this won't really be a problem, but if you want the true best multi-purpose solution, a single 780 Ti is the way to go. As to affording the 780 Ti HOF, you don't need to get it, a 780 Ti from another brand will function very close in performance, just may not overclock as high.

    Final opinion: get the highest clocked 780 Ti.

    As an after thought also, the 780 Ti will also save you more down the road, as it uses way less power under load.
  8. Cool I personally want to give gigabyte a try I'm debating between that and evga what's your opinion between the 2
  9. Gigabyte but barely, there is so little difference, that overclocking will pretty much level the field immediately, I recommend whichever is cheapest.
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    Gigabyte, its way cheaper now (on newegg) if thats where you're buying.

    If you find it cheaper elsewhere, go for it.
  11. Thanks man really appreciate the help, really steered me in the right direction on what to do in terms of graphics cards thanks!!!!!
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