My computer hit a brick wall.

So up untill a couple days ago my computer has been blue screening (not constantly but every couple days) After reviewing the error code i decided that i should update my catalyst drivers, that didnt fix the problem. Now my computer is almost unusable. Explorer will crash it self when i reach the desktop and after it stops crashing it is unbearably slow, freezing every couple seconds. It hasnt completely frozen my computer but only seconds at a time. But it is practically unusable. Now i know it is not a virus, Malwarebytes returned nothing. But the weirdest problem is ram checks out ok in memtest with 0 errors. And my hard drive checks out on "Good" in crystaldisk, HOWEVER i have a second hard drive for games and its in "Caution" but i dont think that could be a problem with windows. I honestly have no idea what the problem could be. Please dont say that i need to check the sata cables with the hard drive, or see if the ram is in all the way. Also i have physically cleaned the computer and checked all connections. Please try to help, i am really stumped with this one. i think it could be my processor, its really outdated and could be dying, i dont overclock it but ive had it for 3 years and its on a stock cooler. ALSO i dont feel like the updated graphics driver is the problem but i could be wrong.
Specs :
Amd radeon 6770 1gb
8gb of cosair vengance ram
AMD Phenom II X6 1055T Thuban 2.8GHz
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  1. What's the error code of the BSOD's?
    Also, more specs please (such as the PSU).
  2. Do you get error messages in event viewer / windows / system? i/o-errors from the second disk for example?
  3. The error code it gives me is 0x0000003b, The psu is a 750-watt Coolermaster bronze.
    And uh no.
  4. Thugginator said:
    The psu is a 750-watt Coolermaster bronze.

    I have a feeling it was a kind-of cheap PSU?
    Please give us the PSU's model.

    EDIT: Do you have any IEEE 1394 device attached?
  5. Unfortunately at the moment i am not able to get the model number atm(doing so would require me to turn the pc off, and its finally not crashing every 2 seconds). All i know is it is a 750 watt power supply made by coolermaster, before the GX line of psu's.
    Also my hard drive : WDC WD5000AAKS-0034A0 500.1 GB

    Also i do not.
  6. Can you all think of anything?
  7. Thugginator said:
    Can you all think of anything?

    What about the error messages from event viewer?
  8. Oh man, i just realized what you meant by event view,
    i have tons of "The device, \Device\Harddisk2\DR2, has a bad block."
    and "The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Harddisk3\DR3."
  9. Best answer
    Sounds like a harddrive issue then. Try backing up important stuff and formatting, if that doesn't work try a new one or an external.
  10. Will this help my freezing issue?
  11. In theory. Just troubleshooting, really. Does a clicking sound happen?
  12. Eh i would have to really listen, But i might have heard a clicking noise but idk if it was from the HD. But the big problem is that i have 300+gigs of steam games on that hard-drive so backing it up and formating it isnt much of an option right now considering my 3rd drive is filled up with recordings. But why would the other hard drive being messed up effect the windows environment?
  13. Because your OS is only on one drive.
  14. Im confused. Is this thing telling me that my main hard drive has a bad block or my second one?
    Im sorry im not new to this or anything but im not catching the drift of whats going on exactly.
    The hard drive that has the bad block (Disk 2) does not have my os. But my steam games.
    Im probably gonna try just disconnecting the sata from it to see if that makes any difference.
  15. This really sounds like filesystem corruption or a failing hard drive. Backup your files ASAP if you have not done so already, and force a chkdsk on all drives. See if that clears this up. If it severe corruption, than a Windows re-install is in order. If it is a failing drive, than clearly the drive will need to be replaced because it is no longer safe to use.
  16. I just need to be sure that this is the problem because i have to go buy a new hard drive for all this to happen.
  17. I will update you all when i get it working again or if i run to another problem
  18. Do a CHKDSK on your HDD's.
    If it doesn't fix it, then use the miniXP of Hiren's BootCD ( ) and use its option to fix the HDD controller or something similar (I don't remember the name right now...) but when you open it up you should see for yourself its HDD utilities. This thing already allowed me to repair 2 PC's, one was BSOD'ing at the start up and the other would constantly reboot during the Windows XP loading. It's just so damn handy!
  19. Chkdsk and hd tune say everything checks out on my drive but not the second one.
    But I noticed that in the health section on both hard drives that all the items like (Raw Read Error Rate) would have both current and worst values the same numbers example : raw read error rate ; current 199 , worst 199
    Is this bad?
  20. update: i have my ear up to my hd and i can hear faint clicking and scratching. Are those noises of faulty or just regular writing
  21. Well it does make noise when its running, but when it stops it should click a couple times. Sounds normal. Try it without the second drive.
  22. remember windows will use all hard drives installed for system restore and swap files if one drive is failing as you say its critical then it can cause the whole system to have issues. if you can get into windows control panel and disable the swap file on the bad drive then your system may become stable and allow you to run windows to try and save (backup)the files off the drive.
  23. Thank you for all your help.
    I went out and bought a Wd black 2tb performance edition internal hdd. I have a new windows installation on the drive and I am now working on backing up all my information then formatting my spare drives. While the problem is fixed untill I can format(and remove) the bad hdd's I suspect I won't get full performance but it performs brand new other then some hanging due to getting 200+Gb files from a bad drive.
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