guides on how to overclock a 9400gt 1gb

I have an old 9400gt that is absolutely terrible, and isn't really in use, so can anyone tell me how to overclock it? (i don't really mind bricking this thing) so i am open to trying something extreme. i'm doing this just for kicks and to gain a bit of experience when it comes to oc'ing gpu's. I would prefer to use MSI afterburner as i've heard it's the easiest to use.
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  1. tourist said:
    The gain is not worth it, but if you must ? Open side case and put a small fan as close as you can to the 9400gt. start turning up the clock memory speed until artifacts appear or it crashes. turn it back a little and start raising the base clock on the gpu. there will be a happy medium between the two. Again it is not worth it. Your learning curve is best spent with cards that can still be considered relevant A hd 5770 or gtx 460 comes to mind.

    Thanks. I did what you said and got a high and stable overclock but that ONLY got me about 1 fps improvement in furmark and about 3-5 in some games. Thanks anyways, will be overclocking my new gpu once it arrives :) Hopefully that will give me some better numbers
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