Having a bad sector problem with a Seagate HDD in a new Lenovo notebook

About 15 days ago I purchased a Lenovo Win 8 S210 IdeaPad from Newegg and upgraded it to 8.1 about 10 days ago. My Hard Disk Sentinel Pro showed a deterioration in health from 90% - about 65%- good to fair rating. It said 8 sectors were weak or bad and the disk tried to relocate data 59 times earlier. HD Tune Pro trial showed about the same thing.

I am wondering if I should RMA this for an exchange at Newegg, or is this a fairly common thing to happen to a hard drive. I don't want to have to wait until the drive dies and then hopefully return it under warranty.
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  2. Short test said FAILED could not read files. Recommended DOS test but I have no DVD drive on this machine. Hard Disk Sentinel recommends seeing if disk fails more and then I could RMA laptop for exchange, otherwise the 8 sectors could be repaired.
    S.M.A.R.T. test showed problem with reallocation of data.
  3. Well, it certainly looks like you need to RMA your laptop.
  4. Agree with davcon - a band new HDD should not develop this problem this quickly, and certainly should NOT fail the Seatools Short test.
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