Black screen after Windows 8 boot logo.


So my brothers PC has this issue where it would boot into a black screen once in a while(usually the first time when you power it on, and then the second time too). You can clearly hear the computer still running, but the monitor just turns off(blue LED -> Orange LED happens with the power botton).

It's a:
- Intel 4770K
- Asus P8Z87-K (c2)
- 16GB Kingston RAM
- NVIDIA, MSI 770 OC Edition
- Corsair RM550.
- Samsung 840 Evo

There is no indication to what is wrong, as in no sounds, LEDs on the motherboard blinking any messages.
I do see the BIOS screen everytime. I have Windows 8 x64 installed with the latest updates and what not(same goes for NVIDIA drivers).

Please ask if there is anything I have left out. :)

And yes, I did search on Google with no avail.
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    try another screen
  2. Hello. Thanks for your answer, and I'm sorry for the delayed response!

    I changed the DVI cable which came with the monitor(Dell 2412M) to the one which came with mine(the same monitor) and we haven't experienced the issue for over a week now.

    Thanks for pointing me in the correct way. I was just about to RMA the GPU.
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