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I have a Phenom II X6 1055T on a Gigabyte ga880 ud2h motherboard
I have for now a 60Gb SSD Sata II drive, but was thinking to upgrade to a larger one (120 or 128Gb) SATA III SSD drive. Problem is my mobo doesn't have SATA III ports....
What are my best options: stick with a SSD Sata II drive, or buy a controller card such as the SYBA SATA III card (
will this card be a bottle neck ?
Doe it even make sense to install a SSD Sata III on such controller card?
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  1. There's no sense buying a SATA II SSD since the prices are about the same as for SATA III models. Plus it would be available for a future upgrade to anew MB if that should be in your realm of possibilities.
    Yes, buying a good quality SATA III controller would improve throughput over the SATA II headers. But I have never used one, so I'd be hesitant on recommending one.

    The speed improvement with even SATA II using a SSD is enough to make it worthwhile. I have done it myself. I would estimate it as about 3/4 of the way from HDD speed to SATA III SSD speed.
  2. Kingston SSD V300 are cheap, but apparently th enew batch is not that fast because of the new asynchronous NAND they use to reduce price
    What other cheap SSD Sata III would you recommend?
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    I've never evaluated SSDs by "cheap", so I will pass on that. But here is a hierarchy chart that isn't too old you may find interesting:,3269-6.html
    Another option for gaining access time speed up would be to pick up a Sandisk Ready Cache:
    For $40 you can make your existing HDD seem like a SSD for the most often used pgms. It works as a persistent cache to the HDD. Here is a trusted review of it by a quality reviewing site:
    I put one on an older SATA II system I had awhile back. Made it feel like my whole 1GB HDD was a SSD. At least with the pgms I used everyday.
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