Do I have to install my new HDD into my case if all I'm doing is copying files from old ones and removing it?

I bought a new 2TB HDD( to go with my new PC I built. Basically what I want to do is hook this HDD up to my old PC and copy all my files from my old HDDs into this new one. After that it is going straight into my new PC. Do I have to go to the trouble of installing the new HDD into my old PC case just to copy files? Or can I connect the SATA data and SATA power cables to it and kind of just sit it on top of the case or on top of the PSU/somewhere inside the case, copy the files, unplug the cables and move it into my new PC? Would that be dangerous?
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    You don't need to secure the HDD in the old computer to copy files as long as it's supervised and you don't have herds of roaming cats in your house.

    Just to note, make sure not to cover any of the ventilation holes on the drive if you sit it on top of the case.
  2. You can sit it on top of the case, but you're going to want to be rather careful with it - don't let it vibrate too much, and whatever you do, do not let it fall while it's in use!
  3. Thanks guys. I appreciate the help, and I'll be very careful. Don't want to lose my $87 investment lol.
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