Custom PC keeps restarting/turning off/on.

My custom built pc has lasted nicely, reaching a year old, and i have constantly been getting new upgrading for it. Until now....
I recently bought a new case, cpu cooler, Graphics card, Keyboard, mouse, headset, motherboard and new case fan. However, the computer is now either restarting, turning off or turning itself on. I'm not too sure what it is?? i have checked temperatures, nothing goes over 40*c. Cpu normally at 31*c, system at 25*c, but it varies. The computer is built for gaming, media and internet, hence the varied parts:
Sharkoon Skiller gaming keyboard
Zalmon mouse,
Sharkoon red case with front fan,
Cooler master case fan, nividia GT610 1gb shared memory (1.8gb),
320 gb Toshiba HDD, 160gb Western Digital HDD,
650w PSU (aria own brand)
AMD sempron 145 OC to 3.3ghz with two cores.
Gigabyte GA78LMT-USB3 am3 motherboard,
CD/DVD rewritable drive.
artic freezer 7 pro,
Windows 7 ultimate x64/Kali linux (dual boot),
4GB DDR3 1333, 1.98 Available??
latest drivers/bios/utilities.
If the pc turns off, it just cuts off, no beeps, error message. BSOD, nothing. If it restarts, just goes on then boots up, same as above. If it turns on, then it is normally during the night, but also during the day. normal beep. boots fine. If my pc is on hibernate, then it fails to boot first time, then boots fine.
GTA IV also crashes often, latest update and latest drivers.
Apart form the above, the computer is brill, fast and responsive, no issues until now.
Anyone able to help?? no basic English needed, ive been studying computers for 4 years. Just ask if you need anymore information.
Any help would be highly appreciated!! :)
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  1. The PSU is trash so I would start by replacing that with a quality unit from Antec, XFX, Corsair, Seasonic.
  2. tiny voices said:
    The PSU is trash so I would start by replacing that with a quality unit from Antec, XFX, Corsair, Seasonic.

    Apart from that?? i really don't want to have to get a new PSU, and take the time to fit it???
  3. I would replace it anyway. The PSU is the most important part of a PC. If it fails, it can fry your whole computer. It is ALWAYS advised to get a quality unit.
  4. ok, i will look at one now, is there any you can recommend for less than £50? and is there anything else that could be causing problems??
  5. Best answer
    Antec, XFX, Corsair, Seasonic only for a new PSU.
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