40Mbps with direct connection to modem. 7Mbps with direct connection to router?

As the title says, when wired to my modem I get a constant 40mbps on When I plug my modem into my router, TrendNet TEW812-DRU, and wire connect to the router, my speed drops to 7mbps on the same test. Any thoughts? Faulty router perhaps?
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  1. log into your router settings and disable QOS (quality of service). what it does is regulate bandwith between multiable devices so no one device can use all the bandwith. disable it and you should be able to have all your speed used by one device on the network(unless you have several devices at once trying to download a lot of stuff)
  2. see if connecting the modem to the lan ports on the switch rather than the wan, and turning of dhcp on the router makes any difference?
  3. Thanks for the replies. QOS is off by default so there's no problem there. I did a reboot of the router and now I'm getting 25-30mbps but still not the 40 I was getting when connected directly to the modem.

    The modem I have is also wireless, but I am switch ISPs in a couple days and their modem is not wireless, which is why I purchased the router. Could there be a problem because of the wireless/wired modem and router? I don't think so but I thought I'd mention it just in case. Also, I've noticed that when I turn my comp on it takes a long time to recognize the network for some reason while plugged into the router. When connected to the modem it picks up the network instantly. Any thoughts on that issue too?
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    Hi. I think the issue will be double NATing.
    If your modem is not a true modem and is also providing DHCP/NAT it may cause issues.
    I would try what i've suggested already.
  5. Thanks for the help Urumiko. I didn't bother connecting the modem to the routers LAN ports as I will be getting rid of the modem tomorrow. I did disable DHCP and that seems to have boosted it another 5-10mbps so I am happy now. Just wanted to make sure it wasn't a faulty router before the return period on it expired, and I've satisfied my concerns. I will post here again if there are any problems once I get my real modem setup tomorrow. Thanks again for the help, it's much appreciated.
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