Clock speed in cpu-z not changing i5 4570


I have a core i5 4570. With turbo and speed step enabled the clock speed should change in cpu-z but it doesn't for somr reason. It just stays at one clock speed all the time. I have also checked on other monitors but its the same. Any idea why?

My mobo is asus gryphon z87
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  1. Is it staying at its high end or at its low end?
  2. Thanks for your answer. Its staying at its high end.
  3. You may have C1E disabled in BIOS, or maybe have your CP/Power Options set to performance.
  4. Everything is enabled. What is also strange is that I have over 1.00 core voltage when i'm in Windows according to CPU-Z. The temps seems fine however.
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    Try changing your power option to Power Saver and see if anything changes. If not even then, go back to Recommended and go to advanced settings for that option and check what is set in the processor section.
  6. I will try that. Another observation is that the core voltage is around 1.00 even in bios.
  7. It was at high performance in windows.
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