any idea on amd hd 9000 series release date?

im trying to pick out a graphics card to buy sometime. i have my eyes set on either the gtx 760 or r9 270x. but i also want to know if anyone has an idea of when the hd 9000 series comes out? im pretty sure the 8000 series is direct rebranded OEM gpus of 7000 series or just mobility cards. but does any know when the 9000s come out? and also why did everything above the 7870/270x sky rocket in price? it goes from $200-$250 to $400-$500.when the 7950 was $300 but now $400.
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    R7 and R9 are the 9000 series. AMD changed the naming scheme. The next AMD release will be around year/year and half. Also the price sky rockets because damn bitcoin/litecoin/whatever coin miners buy them by the ton, since they are better for mining than nVid.
  2. awh dammit. i guess ill make a decision soon then. im looking to upgrade before the next batch of games come out. thank you for the quick and descriptive answer.
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