Upgrade my vid cards and RAM

Current system:
ACPI x64
2x gtx260 in SLI
Intel I7 2.93ghz
1000 W psu
Vista home premium.

I would like to upgrade vid cards. I have looked around a bit but honestly don't know what the comparison would be with the new cards so I'm looking for some input. My max expense is currently 200$ US for the vid card.
Additionally, I want to upgrade my RAM. I can spend another 100$ US on that.

So I am looking at a total of about 300$ US to be spent in the best way possible. Would like this upgrade to last me a couple years if it could.

Any help would be appreciated!
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    Buy two more sticks of the same ram to upgrade your ram (make sure it is the exact same)
    and a nice upgrade for the video card that would still keep you in roughly your price range would be to upgrade to either a r9-270x or a gtx 760 (whichever you can find for cheaper)
  2. Can you tell us what you want to use the pc for. Also, even if you get the exact same RAM, it may not work. If this is a gaming PC, you will never ever ever need more than 8Gb of RAM. But I agree with the 2 cards aforementioned, whichever is cheaper.
  3. The only graphics intensive stuff I do is gaming. Nothing else really requires much of anything. Sorry, I currently have 3 sticks of 2gb ram. So I would have to go with something else. That looks like a good option for the card. It was pretty much what I was thinking. I want the best bang for my investment as I don't upgrade all that often and want some decent performance. The gtx260s have been really great and have lasted me many years. Its just time to say goodbye.. haha

    As you mentioned I don't need an insane amount of RAM. I do want to upgrade but can't remember what I installed last. I am sure it was great 4 years ago.. haha Any thoughts what would suit those two vid cards well?
  4. Yes, go with 2 4gb sticks of ram so you can use dual channel or get a 4th stick of 2gb for dual channel as well
  5. And you can always pair the exact same ram with other ram. the only reason it wouldnt work would be if your operating system didnt support the amount of ram, or if one of the existing ones was damaged
  6. OK yeah that sounds good. Thanks for the help!
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