which one of these 2 1080p monitors would you choose?

the monitor will be used for viewing hd content and light gaming.

23in e-ips 5ms vs 24in tn 2ms
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    IPS is shit for gaming, but amazing for video, while the tn is amazing for gaming, but doesnt look quite as nice

    It's a tradeoff that no amount of money will fix. buy for whichever you do more
  2. personally? the IPS panel.
  3. i would get the vs239 because response time doesnt matter in viewing hd porn lol jk. But I would get the vs239 though
  4. IPS here as well.
  5. So I guess we all agree on the vs239
  6. Eh more depends on his wants and needs. The vs239 is beautiful, but won't be nearly as good for gaming as the other one.
  7. He said he is dong light gaming so 5ms response time is ok
  8. I have an older TN panel with 2ms response time, and a new Asus IPS with 6ms, and I can't notice a difference.
  9. Yeah its somewhat noticable depends on what game you are playing. If you are playing for example need for speed, you will easily noice the difference. If your playing something like dota 2 or league of legends, you will barely notice it. It depends on what you do
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