new mobo, ram. 3570k idles at 57C

So I have reseated the CPU three times now, each with new thermal compound applied. I run Prime95 at stock speeds, and the CPU gets over 90C in a matter of seconds. I went from a MSi b75-g43 mobo to a Gigabyte z77x-ud3h, and have 16gb ram now instead of 8gb.

I am running a Corsair H60 water cooler, have 5 fans, two on the front as intakes, 2 on the top as exhausts, as well as the fan for the radiator as exhaust.

At idle, at 1.6ghz, the temps stay between 56-59C. When it ramps up to 3.4ghz, the temps increase till I get uncomfortable and shut down my game.

I used the pea method in applying the thermal compound all three times. I have went back to defaults on the bios. I'm out of options, anyone have anything I can try?
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  1. Do you hear the pump running on the CPU? Did you connect both power connections for the H60?
  2. Yes the pump is running I can actually feel both tubes, one is hot and one is cold. I have the power for the pump on the CPU header and the power for the fan on FAN4.
  3. Run the pc again, have a feel at the cpu block, if it gets hot it's not pumping.

    Reasons why it has failed to pump include:-
    1). loss of power - check your power connections to the cpu block, this houses the pump
    2). This is most likely, airlock - air has gotten into your pump, remove the cpu block and the radiator, holding the radiator above the cpu block give the cpu block a good shake, refit and try again, this should hopefully clear the airlock and replace it with cooling fluid

    yes, I do know it's a closed loop system. The radiator has an airgap built-in to allow the cooling fluid to expand and contract with bursting any hoses or damaging the radiator
  4. whinin said:
    Yes the pump is running I can actually feel both tubes, one is hot and one is cold. I have the power for the pump on the CPU header and the power for the fan on FAN4.

    The power for the pump should come from the power supply's molex connectors with a speed sensor connecting to the cpu header on the motherboard.
  5. The H60 didn't have a Molex connector that came with it, it has the (I don't know the proper name) mini 3 pin for the pump and the mini 4 pin for the fan. They connect to the fan and cpu headers on the mobo.

    The pump is cool to the touch, the part that sits on the CPU.

    I will try the air thing and report back. Thanks for the help so far.
  6. Nope. Temps still rising past 90C. Any other ideas?
  7. After playing a game for 5 minutes it got up to 105C max but the CPU didn't shut down. And now just browsing forums the temp is staying around 87-91C. Something is very wrong. I should have never upgraded.
  8. Faulty core temp sensor, or dodgy cpu assembly re heat spreader internal thermal compound. Nothing else is left. If it does actually heat up that far it should fall on its face pretty quick loaded..
    RMA the cpu, if you can.
  9. Ignore the temps for 2 hours and play something heavy. If it doesnt crash you have a faulty sensor.
  10. Is the temp sensor on the motherboard?
  11. I'm now assuming the H60 is new.

    Something else to consider - some heatsinks ship with a protective plastic film stuck on the cpu block, did you check to see if yours had one and did you remove it?
  12. No I have had everything running smoothly before on the MSi board. The only things that have changed are the mobo and memory. I have had this setup for a year now (minus the mobo and extra ram)

    I installed the MSi board (the one I originally had before I upgraded) and the temps are consistent with what the Gigabyte board was telling me. So the temp sensor is accurate. Any other ideas? I am cleaning off the old thermal compound with isopropyl alcohol and coffee filters, and re applying per the pea method.
  13. So I ran a game for about 2 minutes, temps shot up to 90C. I messed with the cooler trying to feel if it's cool, and jiggled it around a bit and now I have been running prime95 for 16 minutes and my temps are at 90C. Have I been putting the cooler on wrong? I used the longer studs for the mounting hardware, do I need to use the shorter ones? Also as soon as I turned off prime95 my temps dropped INSTANTLY to 73C. This is running at 3.6ghz which is what my MSi mobo was set at.
  14. And now temps are back up to 86-88C. I don't get it.

    I have a stock intel air cooler should I try putting that on?
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    OK. So. Lesson learned. Fixed it myself.

    Don't use the 'Pea' method when applying thermal paste because that SUCKS.

    I put a thick line, then went over it with a razor blade applying moderate pressure to evenly spread it out.

    Now my temps, at idle, are between 28-32C!!!!! And I put my Gigabyte motherboard back in so I can OC a little bit now. Yay!
  16. Glad to hear your issue was solved.
  17. Glad to hear you got it solved as well, I didn't even consider the viscosity of the thermal compound. Yet it's something I do almost automatically and have had trouble with myself depending on how thick the compound is and the gap between the heatsink an the cpu.
  18. Yeah thanks guys. I was surprised when it actually worked, I didn't even think anything of it. But when I took my cooler off for the last time I actually looked at the spread pattern on the CPU and the heatsink and it was like two circles. It wasn't spreading to the top and and bottom middle, leaving a good 20% of the CPU naked.
  19. and now two months later, Diablo 3 is crashing because cpu temps are getting too high and throttling the game. I put everything back to stock speeds and ran prime95 and within a minute temps are past 60. Any idea? I was running at 4.5ghz stable for the last two months.
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