Replaced Motherboard - Where do I plug in my old DVD reader/writer drive? ?

Hey guys, so I just replaced my motherboard, among other components, in my somewhat old gaming rig.

My problem is my DVD reader/writer which I was planning to use to reinstall OS onto a new HDD was connected to the old motherboard via a cable that the new motherboard has no plug for. Sortof a big thing, flat cable going from back of dvd drive to the motherboard near the 24 pin connector, new motherboard does not have this plug socket at all, the dvd drive has other open plug spots on the back of it, i am wondering if there is a newer type of cable i can buy which i can use to hook up the dvd drive to the motherboard... or did i screw up and just get a motherbaord that doesnt have the ability to use a dvd drive? ? ?

Here is my new motherboard:

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  1. Hopefully, your PSU has SATA power connectors. If so, just connect the SATA power connectors to the HD and DVD/CD writer and connect the HD and DVD SATA data cables to the SATA ports on the MB.
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    You have sn old ide dvd
    Drive i say if its the big flat gray connector. They do make an adapter which will convert it to sata but your better iff buting a new sata dvd drive for the same price
  3. if you look at the image you linked, right next to the blue biostar symbol there should be 4 cube like boxes, on the other side there are ports, those are SATA ports, use them for your DVD drive to be connected to the motherboard.
  4. i think larakikato tell the DVD is IDE port, if you want only install OS, why not to try with UFD stick
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