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Hey so I accidently bought an msata SSD when I intended to get a normal 2.5 SSD. I was in the process of reading amazon's return policy when I began to research about using a mSata SSD on a desktop. I have heard of issues with mSata compared to normal SSD that the mSATA is physically wired to Sata II, capping it to 3gb/s compared to Sata III 6 gb/s. I wanted to know if mSata is inferior performance wise to a normal Sata III 2.5 SSD. Also I wanted to ask about the debate over what a mSata SSD can do. Some say it only is used as a cache device to support the OS, but can I use my mSata (120gb) to load my OS (windows 7) along with some games (only the most played games)? Could I use it just like a normal drive?

My motherboard is:

My mSata is:

Thanks in advance,
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  1. If you get an adaptor for it, It will function like a standerd 2.5in ssd

    Msata does not have any "caps" on speed.
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    mSATA is to SATA as micro-USB is to USB. It's just a different connector, the link is the same. Any speed you can get with regular SATA, you can get with mSATA as well.

    Now, traditionally mSATA SSDs have tended to have lower performance (and capacity) than SATA SSDs, but that's not because of any restrictions in the interface. And with smaller and smaller process nodes, that difference is disappearing. Many newer SATA SSDs basically just have an mSATA-sized PCB inside. And the fastest consumer-oriented SSDs now use the M.2 form factor which is at least as small as mSATA (but uses PCI-Express lanes to facilitate speeds far beyond the 550-600 MB/s cap of SATA3).
  3. Awesome. Just to confirm, I can load an OS on this and use it as storage for my most frequented games and/or programs?
  4. yes
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