How much is my laptop worth?

How much is my Dell laptop worth at Bestbuy (through trade-in)?
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  1. I'm sorry it didn't post correctly here's what the post was supposed to be :
    How much is my laptop worth? I got it last year (2013) in April, and this year I'm wanting to sell it and use the money to buy a better one. I was going to use it for some light gaming, but I want a better one because I'm planning on getting GTA V when it comes out for PC. It is a Dell Inspiron 15 (3521) here are the specs:
    15.6" LED screen
    4 GB RAM
    Intel Pentium Dual Core (2nd Generation)
    Intel HD Graphics
    500 GB HDD
    Windows 8 64-bit
    It is fully functional, but there are a few slight, barely-noticeable, minor scratches on the screen and casing. So how much do you think BestBuy would give me for it?
  2. It won't Run GTA 5.
    You Need a Dedicated gpu and an i5 to play GTA 5.
  3. Best answer
    $250-300 at most if you sold it privately.

    Because it's Best Buy I feel they would give you substantially less.
  4. Ya I would say around $300
  5. don't bring it to best buy! The'll just jip ya'!

    Sell it on ebay or something...being a newer laptop, you should get around $275 for it...

    Heck, you could sell it on craigslist or in your local newspaper for more than bestbuy would ever pay.
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