can i use 64 bit processor on intel 945 chipset?

i have dell cpu in which has intel 945 chipset and 32 bit processor. i want to use 64 bit on it can i?
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  1. On the specifications, only says 32 bit so probably won't support a 64-bit.
    -I looked through that, not all of it of course.
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    Yes it should. They use the 945 in the Dell Dimension 5150/E510 and the Dimension 9100 and the 9150 and I have installed Windows 7 64 bit on those. They only take Pentium 4/ Pentium D CPU's which some of them are 64 bit but not all of them. Look up your CPU and it will tell you if it will support 64 bit.

    NOTE: As far as I know and that I have tested in the past it will not support Core 2 CPU's. That didn't come until the 965 Chipset.
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