is my i7 4770 running too hot

I have a new pc with a standard i7 4770 fitted with an coolermaster hyper evo tx3 with dual 92mm noctua fans in push pull. I only went for an aftermarket cooler because im using the system for rendering which pushes the cpu really hard for extended periods.
Cpu idles at between 35-41c and 75-81 under load, the guy at the shop tells me this is normal but from what i read on the net its somewhat high for long periods.
Any advice greatly appreciated
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  1. What case is your build in?
    Is the pull fan pointing to an exhaust fan?

    Other than higher ambient temperature inside the case, what is the room temperature?


    For the record those temps are totally fine. I would really only get worried when you approach 90c.

    I have a Phenom II X4 965BE that ran up to 97 on stock for 3 years and still works :)
  2. Oh and what kind of thermal paste did you use?
  3. That seems high, unless your room temperature is ~30-40c. You should expect those temps from a stock cpu cooler.

    Your cpu should be at 60-70 at full load with that cooler.

    Ofcourse its safe temps, but you should be doing better with that cooler.
  4. Im using a fractal design r4 yes both fans are blowing to the rear exhaust fan. I dont know about the thermal paste the guy in the shop just told me he had used a quality one, which doesnt fill me with confidence!
    It doesnt ever seem to go above 81c though so should be ok, thanks heaps for that I'll leave it as is rather than spend money on a cooler i dont need just wanted to be sure
  5. He would have used the thermal paste that came with your cooler. Most likely, he did a poor job installing it.
  6. Oh yeah the room temp is about 25
  7. Is it worth reapplying paste? How difficult would it be for someone with very little experience?
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    There are a number of factors that can cause poor temps. You could have a bad case, you could have dusty filters, you could have applied the paste poorly, or maybe the CPU chip just runs hot. Sometimes they just do.

    Either way. You're fine and healthy :) Try not to pay too much attention to temps unless your PC isn't running like it should.
  9. Yea I would say forget about it, until it starts giving you higher temps. (if it does at all)
  10. Cheers thanks for help
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