Random blue screen first time on new PC

I have had this PC for like a month, it has been working fine, I play games on it daily, constantly check the frequencies & temps, everything seems fine.

However, today after I got done playing this happened:

I was playing a game, and I exited the game the same as I always do, and then I went to check facebook. In the middle of checking facebook, my system froze, went black for a second, and then a blue screen popped up.

It had your usual "if this is your first time seeing this blah blah" stuff, and then it had an error code, I don't know it exactly, but it went something like this:

"STOP 000000000xA"

Any idea what that could mean? I don't want my PC to crap out on me as I just got it. I opened it up & made sure all the connections were right, as well as the external connections, everything seems fine.

I am on the same PC currently, it hasn't done anything weird yet, but it has me worried since this happened once.
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  1. Well after researching and looking around the web I was able to find this on a emulator forum. "Your problem may be the infinite loop crash.

    Is the PC rebooting after it locks up?

    or you are seeing:





    which can mean your processor does not have enough
    Vcore voltage."
    While this is NOT primary source information, it's all I could find. Good luck!
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    I believe it's a missing or incorrect driver path connection.

    This Stop error message usually occurs during installation when there was an attempt in kernel mode to touch pageable memory at too high a process internal request level (IRQL). Typically, this error occurs when a driver uses an incorrect memory address. Other possible causes of this error include an incompatible device driver, a general hardware problem, or incompatible software.

    When this Stop error message occurs, first try to resolve the issue by using the Windows Error Reporting tool that is automatically displayed when any error occurs. The Reporting tool sends an error report to Microsoft, and reports a fix or a workaround back to you immediately. If no fix or workaround is available, or if the fix or workaround reported by the tool does not resolve the error, then follow the methods in the "Advanced Troubleshooting" section.

    Don't worry as I understand, it's not going to ruin the system, it's most likely something in your computer tries to link with its driver so it could complete a task and I couldn't find it and thus couldn't complete the task
  3. However if it is a true stop error that means there is something wrong with the os, this puts the device carrying the OS at risk as well as any data linked to the OS (program's and what not).

    I highly advise you email Microsoft, inform them that you have encountered this problem, they will ask a number of questions, try your best to remember the exact code. You do not want to rush this failure again. Please contact Microsoft
  4. I'm near certain it's not ram, if it were ram you wouldn't be able to boot at all, ram cannot work unless it has a 100% working channel or it just won't be able to carry out any tasks. Also the pc has been working and unless you installed some strange software it's most likely an os failure
  5. You should check your Event viewer and see if there are any errors leading up to the critical event. And see what it says about the blue screen. Get some more information maybe.
  6. There's a reason why they have customer support it's so you don't have to guess at what's wrong, these guys will be experts they will have seen it before and they will be able to help
  7. Try to keep us updated on the situation so we can document the fix.
    I personally havnt seen that bluesceen stop code so it would be nice to know what exactly is going on.
  8. it is a very common error caused by device drivers. generally the bluescreen will indicate the name of the device driver or you can put you memory dump file on a cloud server so it can be looked at. (skydrive with public access works)
    you can also run whocrashed.exe and it might indicate the device driver that needs to be updated.
  9. Johnbl has hit the nail on the head as that is the answer in most cases. But this usually occurs pretty much straight after your first boot, it would be extremely rare for you to run this for that long and it never happen.. Have you used anything that before now you hadn't ran?
  10. Thanks guys, I have continued using the PC & trying to figure it out, but I cannot. I am not very good at all this technical stuff, and I wouldn't even know who to call for tech support because I built it myself & the parts are from many different manufacturers.

    So far, ever since I posted this, it has not happened again. I have tried replicating what I was doing when it happened, and it never caused it to happen again.

    The screen still flickers every now & then while watching videos, but other than that, no problems that I have seen.

    Also @wehler53 I was running a game that I had never played before (SWTOR) but I have been playing it lots since this happened, and it has not caused it to happen again.
  11. @thugginator it was not either of those codes. I wish I knew how to bring up the code again, it only stayed on for about 10 seconds before the system rebooted, so I couldn't read it all.
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