Good cheap Cpu cooler that will fit this build

Ok so i need a cpu cooler that is cheap and efficient for this build :
the cpu cooler i bought before couldn't fit into the motherboard. i already have this computer built, i just need to overclock it. thanks your your help!
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  1. I use the nzxt t40. Great cooler, but I think AMD brackets limit it to up/down orientation.
  2. are you sure it can fit the motherboard and the cpu?
  3. What cooler did you have before? I assume the issue was with the grey heatsink on the board?
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    Yep, it's got universal mounts. Currently OOS.
    Keeps my i7 870 @1.3vcore and ~110 TDP (Don't know why) at 60c maxed load at 90% fan, and it is fairly quiet. Games never pass 50c at 60% fan.
    A better fan would really be awesome though. Something with a lot of fins to keep high pressure.
  5. That wouldn't fit? It says multi directional. No way to turn it?
  6. ty guys, imma order that one then
  7. I was editing and got distracted. Got some more stuff up these.
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