my f drive is not opening.if we try open it is asking me to format the drive.but my important photos,videos and softwares are

i am using windows 7 in my pc and i recently faced a is that i am unable to open my F drive.if i tried to open it it is not opening and a dialog box is opening to format the drive.but i cant format this drive because so much important photos,videos and softwares are copied in this drive.if i clicked on the 'cancel' button on the dialog box, another warning dialog box is displaying that
F:\ is not accessible
The volume does not contain a recognized file system
please make sure that all required system drivers are loaded and that the volume is not corrupted.
please help me.............
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    as what the dialog box says,it's may be can format the said drive and use this tool(testdisk) to recover files as soon as the formatting is finished,else you may save other new files on the drive and the recoverable files may be overwritten..


    P.S. be sure to follow instructions correctly
    hope this helps. :)
  2. Right click>Properties>Tools>Error Checking. Then run check disk and hopefully it will fix any minor errors on the drive. You can check the option to repair bad sectors on it as well. Does your MOBO support SMART capability? You need to run HDD diagnostics immediately after this

    It could be very serious. You need to recover your data immediately as it could be that your entire hard drive is failing. If nothing else works then you need to use an advanced recovery software. Get Data Back for NTFS is the best software imo and i have safely recovered files from dead or failing drives plenty of times using it.

    And don't use any bad sector repairing softwares. Usually they strain the drive further and they make things even worse. I was stupid enough to buy usual bollocks of such software companies and lost entire 1TB of data and 5 years of my project work.
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