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I have been searching online and cannot find a clear answer for this.

I am running a very basic media/file server at home and was going to start running a 4X 3Tb Raid 10. File server serve 5 computers in the house and the media server serves around 15 clients. I was looking at some LSI cards but was confused between HBA and a Raid Controller (9211, 9240/9260). Soon (next year or so I will most likely be moving the components from my current rig to the server but want to make sure I will be able to transfer the raid setup without transferring and rebuilding the array.

Does the HBA just software raid like the motherboard would use? What card would you recommend?

I can't remember the exact motherboard (can look up tomorrow if necessary), phenom x4 9600, 4gb DDR2, 1X PCI 8X available.
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  1. Typically HBA card only provides SATA/SAS connections. It will not have a RAID controller onboard.
  2. So a using RAID through the HBA theoretically would be the same as the Raid on the chipset? Should get better performance with a dedicated HW Raid card?

    Also if I did go with a dedicated Raid card, would I be able to swap it into my next system without deleting and rebuilding the array?
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    yes any RAID done through a HBA will be a software RAID. Yes if you move the RAID card to a new system you shouldn't have to rebuilt the array. You will of course have to install the RAID driver during OS install.
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