ASUS Sabertooth x79 and Intel 4930k POST issue.

Hi, a few days back I put my new pc together and then ran into the usual no POST issue with the sabertooth and the intel 4930k, I have since read up and followed multiple BIOS flash guides to try and update my BIOS, everything responds as if the BIOS flash was a success (The lights flash for a bit, get faster then stop) however, still I get nothing when trying to power on my pc. I'm trying to update to BIOS version 4608, I've tried with two separate 8Gb USBs both formated to FAT32 and a 4Gb USB formated to FAT32. I've tried removing all ram individually, removing graphics cards and extra hard drives. Is there anything at all that I have missed? I'd love to get this fixed asap.
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  1. Hi. You may need to do rename the bios file.
    If using the 'USB BIOS Flashback' method then correct you must rename the .ROM file: SABERX79.ROM
  2. As far as I know the .ROM versions for the BIOS are all of the older ones and I'm trying to install the latest version so I have been using the .CAP files. However just to make sure I tried changing the .CAP file to a .ROM and when I tried to install the update the expected 2 flashes followed by a solid light occurred to imply that the update failed. To confirm, yes I have been re-naming the files to "SABERX79.CAP / SABERX79.ROM"
  3. Did you read this?

    *If your BIOS version is 1404 or older: Go to BIOS-Utilities to download and install the BIOS Converter utility before updating the BIOS.
  4. Yep, read that, just tried installing the converter now same result as trying to install a .ROM BIOS update, just blinks once then the blue LED just stays on, so no luck there unfortunately.
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