Want to system restore windows 8 but won't boot past BSOD error code 0xc0000185

Hi, I have a BSOD, no idea about computers really. I just want to restore it to factory settings but I can't. I've checked out forums and googled it, still can't find anything. I have an Asus Model AR5B125

Please help.
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  1. 0xc0000185 indicates the system is unable to communicate with a device. It could be a hard drive, thumb drive or CD drive that has failed or is no longer connected to the system.

    if it is your hard drive, you want to make sure that your BIOS settings for the IDE mode are correct.
    if you can boot in BIOS check to see if the system time is still correctly set. (in case the battery for the real time clock has failed and your bios whent back to defaults)
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