Hey guys, I wanna build a Mini-Itx, wanna know what you think of the parts

Hey guys, I want to build a Mini-ITX for my birthday, when I say Mini, I mean Mini. These are the parts I want to use:
CPU: Intel i5-4440 3.1GHz 6MB LGA1150 - $214
Motherboard: Gigabyte H87N-WIFI - $135
Ram: G.Skill-NT 4GB Single DDR3 - $48
Case: Chyang Fun Mini ITX Desktop PC Case - $85
So what do you guys think of this build? Is it alright for less than $500?
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    It depends what you want it for, will it be a media PC, gaming PC, web surfing PC?

    If its either media or web surfing, then yes that will be just fine. What PSU are you putting into it? One of the low end Seasonics would be great for it, but with just an I5, you wont need much wattage.
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