Internet is slow on my desktop but fine on all other devices

i have been trying to figure out whats wrong with my network. ok so yesterday everything was fine i could play my games with low ping. then all of a sudden i had crazy amounts of ping in game. the browser still worked fine was a bit slow tho. Now i can even connect to my network and when i am able to it can not even fully load Google . After awhile it will just disconnected and will not let me reconnect. I unpluged my router for a bit then plugged it back in, i ran rouge killer, i uninstalled and reinstalled my wireless card drivers. When im able to connect in network settings it shows 18mb everything works perfect on my laptop quick to load pages and its shows 54mb . the speed test on my laptop is 12.58 down and 2.27 up. I just want to play bf4 all this started after i updated to the new catalyst 14.1 beta to run mantel. Not sure if that has anything to do with it i wouldnt think so. i would appreciate any help. sorry about my grammar its late and this is giving me a headache
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  1. What happens if you run an ethernet cable?

    Also, can you post a traceroute to (or your local google site) from both the laptop and desktop (on WiFi and ethernet)?
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