asus m5a97 r2.0 - turning on my pc it stops at American Megatrend page - I have to go to bios and boot my ssd from there?

As the title explains, when I turn on my pc, it goes to the American megatrend page and tells me to press F1 and go to the bios settings, I go there and I have to either exit and save or go to boot options and select my ssd and my computer runs fine. Is this normal? is it bad? do I need to call asus?

When it is running fine, I can restart my computer and it restarts pretty well back to my windows 8.1 screen - it passes the bios and American megatrend page - but when I shut it down, (I also, after shutting down the pc on windows 8.1, turn the switch off in the main plug because my keyboard and mouse lights are on). But from here when I turn on my PC it stops at the American megatrend page and makes me go into the bios and boot from the bios.

Extra information that may or may not be relevant: In the bios settings, while trying to resolve this issue, I had to go to the advanced settings and changes boot options, I had to remove my optical drive and my hdd and only add my ssd, thinking that this would solve the problem it doesn't, all it does is in the bios (first screen not the advanced settings) it shows up my ssd (it never used to only used to show the hdd and optical drive before I went to advanced settings and changed it)

Please help me, thanks.
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  1. Do you have the latest BIOS?
  2. rehed21 said:
    Do you have the latest BIOS?

    yes - I will check again to be sure, but I am 99% sure.

    Please reply as soon as possible or if you know someone ask them to, as I really need to fix this soon thanks bro!
  3. I have an Asus M5A99X Evo and I had the same problem a few times (not consistently). I don't know how I solved it, but I had updated the BIOS and used a different SATA cable and I have not had the problem since.
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