Intel SpeedStep is disabled, why is my CPU going stupidly slow?

i5 2500k
My CPU was fine for a very long time and all of a sudden (after installing a new CPU fan recently) I have been having bad FPS and slow processor speeds. So I decided to do a 'quick' intel burn test. Here is what happened
During: [1] (processor only going ~800MHz, should be going 3.3GHz)
Post: [2] (224 seconds for 2 tests, it should be about 25 seconds)
Notes; Intel SpeedStep is disabled.
My CPU is going 1.6Ghz as I type this.
I have a GTX 780 and I was getting bad FPS during CoD4 because of my processor going ~800Mhz
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  1. What temps? Sounds like overheating.
  2. Reset bios settings and test or enable speedstep again and test
  3. Someone Somewhere said:
    What temps? Sounds like overheating.

    Here it is with SpeedFan temps next to it.

    It reached 73 by the end, only took 90 seconds to complete this time.
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    Core 0: 95C. Overheating and thermal throttling.

    Pull the fan, clean and apply new thermal paste, and try again.
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