i7- 4770k poor performance

My speccs are:

MOTHERBOARD: Asus z87 pro edition
CPU: i7-4770k ( not overclocked)
RAM: G skill Trident X 2400 mhz
GPU: EVGA gtx 770 superclocked 4GB
Wireless Adapter: TP link N900 dual band
PSU: Cooler Master 800W gold certified

I'll cut to the chase, I've experienced very low frame rates in games. Basically I play Diablo 3 and in fights i get like 30 fps, even dropped to 25 fps and I get framerate drops. Will go from high fps and then just stutter and drop to like 10 then back up again. WoW seems to have poor fps in major cities things like that. Basically when these things happen i notice that CPU usage and GPU usage are low(GPU not going above 55% and CPU not going above 30%). I was gauging this with MSI Afterburner and the temperatures were fine, cpu didn't go above like 55C and gpu didn't go above 60C. Though for some reason in MSI afterburner it would say CPU thread 5 would get to like 55% usage and CPU thread 8 would get to like 90% while the other 6 threads wouldn't go beyond 20, even some were at like 10%. In diablo 3 theres an option to display damaging numbers, I turned that off which did help but still ultimately in large mobs by myself it dropped to 30 fps.

This leads me to the conclusion that something somewhere is causing my CPU not to run very well. Idk if its from something in the bios but Speedstep is disabled as is EPU. I only enabled XMP profile to set the ram at 2400mhz. As far as I know the CPU is running at 3.5ghz and turbo's to 3.9ghz. Since that's what CPU-Z says.

Though in games like League of Legends and CS:GO its all fine, my conclusion is that those types of games really don't require a lot and so my cpu at whatever rate its going at the moment is able to handle those types of games. I played Marvel Heroes and noticed a bit of stuttering, with the frame rate drops.

I just feel pretty sure with these speccs my computer should handle these games fine and should be yielding better results.

Feel free to suggest anything, whether its in the BIOS or windows.

*Note I have tried almost anything that came to mind. Downloading the newest drivers from Asus, to not even downloading any drivers and letting windows just update things. I have changed the power options to maximum performance. The only thing I have not done is update the BIOS.
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  1. Update bios and tell us . But do it carefully and on your own risk .
  2. Do you have a link perhaps on the easiest and best detailed way on how to do it?
  3. Blizzard is known for limiting their FPS, which is pretty nice.
    You get smoother FPS. instead of having some sort of lag-feeling FPS.
    Bad things about this is high-end gaming-rigs will be rather useless for casual gaming.

    Click on "Driver & tools" --> Select your OS --> Download latest version ( Version 1707 in your case) --> And download the bios utlity you prefer .

    Make sure that the posted link corresponds to your motherboard
  5. What's the bios utility for? Can't I just upload Bios 1707 through flash?

    Also diablo 3 is very poor, a rig such as mine doesn't mean it would net terrible fps.
  6. Best answer
    Yes you can do it through flash , try both apps , if you put it on root folder of your usb folder you can update the bios via your bios settings .
  7. Ok well I need to pick up a flash drive today, I'll let you guys know what happens. I can do it all from the computer I am having the issues on correct?
  8. YEs you have to do it .
  9. You can update all of your drivers but that is just a given. Try unparking your CPU cores, that should fix your problem.
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