Add different RAMS (Latest GDDR3-5 1.6) (HELP!!!)

I created the Following Computer:
OS : Windows 8.1 x64 PRO
System Creator: MSI
System Model: MS-7816
CPU : Intel Core i7-4770 @ 3.40GHz, 3401 Mhz, 4 Cores, 8 Logical CPUs
Bios: American Megatrends Inc. V11.0 (Released 29/7/2013), SMBIOS 2.7 old type working
SSD(1) : 128 GB
SSD(2) : 60 GB
HDD(1) : 1TB 7200 Rpm
HDD(2) : 320 GB Rpm
RAM: 8 GB (2x4 Corsair 1,6 GHz GDDR5)
GPU: VGA GeForce 760 GTX 2GB GDDR5

(If you need anything else about my system feel free to ask me! This PC Is my own Build and it f@cks Everything on gaming!)
And i want to ask the following:
I have these rams Here:
8 GB (2x4 Corsair 1,6 GHz GDDR5)
and i have from my older PC,
2x2 GB HyperX Kingstone DDR2 1,333GHz
and i want someone to help me by telling me if i can add these rams to my 2 remaining RAM slots. My MotherBoard type is: MSI Gaming Serries .
Can someone help me solve this problem? And if anyone knows, i have and a GPU Nvidia GeForce 8800 Ultra (Asus Gaming Serries) If i can add and that with my VGA GTX 760.
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    Your motherboard, which is the Z87-G43, supports DDR3 memory, so you cannot plugin your old DDR2 memory.

    You can add the GF8800 Ultra a dedicated it as a Physics card, but your GF760 is more than capable at high resolution gaming.

    If this my build, I would drop the 60GB SSD and 320GB HDD, as they are probably older SATA2 and not bother with the GF8800 Ultra.

    You could get yourself a cheap DDR2 based motherboard, and use them in that for a second PC or sell them on.
  2. I know that about my GeForce 8800 Ultra, but i want to add it cause it supports directx 10 (you will say i got directX 11) but i wanted to use these items on the machine cause i run and a server on it. on 1TB i have installed all the games and on 128GB SSH i have windows 8.1 x64 Pro.
    On SSD 60GB i have windows 7 x64 PRO (Ultimate is not available any more)
    and on 320GB HDD i have my server.
    The question is:
    IF i add both GPU's on the computer will i have any problem with the Gaming? (I mean if the one Part of the pc << Gaming>> Will have any Problems on Graphics i mean like LAG on gaming or something, Or if i install its' driver to the other SSD i won't have any problem with that?
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