after installing a new pirated windows 7, both of my shift keys are not working ..please tell it's urgent...

both of my shift keys are not working, even a little..i did something to the sticky i dont know how to solve this problem....please help
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  1. LMFAO you MUST be joking right?!?! No one here is going to help you with pirated software. Read the forum rule. Then wipe your drive of windows and all the malware you probably installed with it and go BUY it like an adult. if you can't afford it use linux
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    most pirated windows copies have major bugs
  3. Clean install a bought OS or linx, and if that solves your problem then great and you'll also have a legal OS, however it's likely just a settings problem, or a keyboard hardware failure (karma for downloading illegal program's maybe) hahaha but please get a legal copy of any os it'll help you in more ways then you think as you'll actually be able to get customer service then
  4. Not that anyone on here is going to help you at all, but it can't be the best idea to register even an email address and then request help with a pirated copy of a still-current OS.
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