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I am choosing a monitor in the £130 - £140 price range. I want it to be about 24" with a fast response time and good colour.

I have found the following two:


Out of these monitors, which would you buy? If none of them, which would you recommend, in my situation?

Thanks Mat
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  1. For gaming you want to look for 120hz or 144hz monitors. Most 3d capable monitors have this refresh rate. Such as

    Look for something similar.
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    I'd get the VX238H because it is good for the price and definitely gets the work done.

    @CrooKeDCoP that model is discontinued and that model is refurbished; also I doubt you could get it on
  3. Yah I noticed that as I was typing. That's why at the end I said look for something similar. Guess I shoulda been a little more specific. Sorry about that. But it looks like it helped anyways.
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