Will I be able to play the newest games on this system by adding a graphics card?

CPU: AMD ATHLON II x 2 @ 3.4 ghz
Ram: 4 g
Motherboard: ASROCK AM3+ 960GM-VGS3 FX V/S/R/DDR3

Right now the system doesn't have graphics card.

I'm not looking for playing the newest games at maximum settings. Just middle settings are fine for me.

Ok. So, are there any decent GPUs which are inexpensive?
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    Yes, if you add a decent GPU you should be able to run modern games. Also you will need a new PSU.
  2. You could get the GTX 660 or maybe the R7 270 ,but you might have a bottle neck due to your cpu. Both those gpu's are under 200 and some you could even find for 150 on newegg.
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